Our Mission 

To empower client success through intelligent decision making in a digital world.

Core Principles 






Our Leadership 
Robert "Gus" Gustafson

Execution Team Director

Gus brings decades of entrepreneurial and executive experience across industries to support the execution of our solutions. He attended Lehigh University followed by The University of Pennsylvania, studying chemical engineering and organizational dynamics. A serial entrepreneur, he founded multiple successful startups, including a pioneer in data mining technology. He also held management positions at multiple Fortune 500 firms. Gus currently acts as managing director of the Lehigh Enterprise Systems Center in addition to his role at ACG. At Lehigh, Gus is known as the "king of tailgates".

Philippe Barzin

Senior Data Analyst

Philippe brings a deep body of advanced analytics tools to the ACG approach, built over decades of experience in the field. He attended graduate school in Belgium at The University of Leige where he studied data science. He has both worked at and engaged with Fortune 100 firms as an employee and third-party consultant, respectively. He develops custom advanced analytics solutions in the healthcare, cybersecurity, and technology sectors. Philippe has a passion for improving lives and helping companies flourish.

William Henry

Statistical and Predictive Analytics Expert

Bill has been providing PhD level data and statistical modeling solutions for various types of businesses for over 20 years. He became an expert in experimental modeling and statistics in his clinical career. As the business world woke up to advanced analytics in decision making and Business Intelligence (BI) he changed his career focus toward that end. Using advanced data mining and pattern recognition methods, with state-of-the-art programs and programming methods, he has provided corporations with quantitative insights that have immediate advantageous and actionable consequences. A proficient user of SPSS, R, PowerBI and Excel. Bill thrives on being creative, but scientifically grounded to deliver real world results.


Managing Partner

Christopher Andrassy

Christopher brings his passion for technology, engineering, and creative design to develop flexible solutions alongside our clients. He attended Lehigh University, studying industrial engineering and analytical finance as part of the Integrated Business & Engineering Honors Program. Before co-founding ACG, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers, focused on cloud ERP implementation within the construction and manufacturing sectors. Christopher is also an avid musician, fitness enthusiast, and investor focused on emerging technology.


Managing Partner

Alfonso Alburquerque

Alfonso leverages his unique technical skillset and passion for enabling technology education to build impactful solutions for our clients. He studied mechanical engineering and finance at Lehigh University as part of the Integrated Business & Engineering Honors Program. He has experience working at Air Products as a hydrogen systems engineer, and at Ernst & Young in capital equipment valuations. Alfonso is also a devout soccer enthusiast, education advocate, and animal lover.