Our Framework in Action



The client is a fintech advisory and executive coaching firm seeking to visualize the results of their proprietary natural language processing algorithm. This technology aims to predict future performance of large-cap companies through analysis of their corporate cultures.



The client is a Series A-funded SaaS startup disrupting the executive job search market. The company is seeking insights into user engagement trends, the impact of pricing decisions, and overall profitability to improve short-term decision making and growth strategy.



The client is a telecom startup disrupting the budget mobile network market. The company is seeking insights into its capital requirements and financial outlook in preparation for an upcoming funding round, and to facilitate data-driven decision making to scale efficiently.



The client is a mid-market accounting firm in the northeast catered toward technology firms. The client is seeking insight into their operational processes, cost mitigation through automated reporting, and data-driven executive decision making.



The client is a mid-market law firm in the southeast seeking a digital transformation solution that allows its partners to make smarter, data-driven executive decisions and eliminate manual analysis. The firm specifically needed insight into the performance of each of its partners and practice areas, and visibility of such across office locations..



The client is a construction firm seeking insights into their open bids, forecasting trends and performance, and resource-allocation decisions across their regional offices. The firm is looking for an automated solution to accomplish this, dramatically reducing time spent on reporting and analysis (currently done in Excel).

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