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The client is a national manufacturer focused on industrial vehicle and machine parts. The business lacks the ability to effectively interpret its machine data, creating a lack of actionable insights and extraneous maintenance expenses. The absence of a central source of truth generates significant operational inefficiencies.



The client is a regional law firm focused on litigation and tax within the financial sector. The firm currently lacks visibility into performance across locations, practice areas, and partners. The client seeks a centralized source of information to track firm-wide metrics in real time.



The client is a national construction firm focused on commercial, industrial, and residential real estate developments. The firm relies heavily on spreadsheets to analyze data, blocking visibility across departments. Key data is stored on-premise across geographic locations, creating cumbersome information silos that create operational inefficiencies.



The client is a late-stage biotechnology startup pioneering a plant-based antioxidant synthesis methodology. The firm has experienced rapid growth in the past year, generating a vast quantity of data without the technological systems to effectively harness it. 

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