Results: Healthcare & Biotech

Synthesize the Future

Data Streams. Real-time Visualization. Predictive Analytics.

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The client is a late-stage biotechnology startup pioneering a plant-based antioxidant synthesis methodology. The firm has experienced rapid growth in the past year, generating a vast quantity of data without the technological systems to effectively harness it. The company stores its data across siloed departments (sales, operations, R&D, finance, and compliance), impeding data-driven decision making and cross-functional insight.

Patient Intelligence

System Integration. Financial Intelligence.


The client is a regional hospital and care center focused on oncological treatment. The organization relied on many disparate software tools to store, analyze, and utilize patient data. The ACG Virtual Team worked to integrate data sources into a single cloud BI platform, allowing the client to visualize key patient metrics, trends, and the ultimate effect on their financials. This powered data-driven decision making across the business, generating an ROI of 5x over 6 months.

Biotracking with Purpose

IoT Analytics. Process Automation. Real-time Visualization.



The client is a local biopharmaceutical company synthesizing anti-aging compounds. The organization had begun installing IoT sensors across their facilities, which required multiple employees to manually track key properties, ensuring optimal production conditions were met. The ACG Virtual Team developed an automated methodology to process real-time IoT sensor data, tracking and moderating facility temperature. This cut direct labor costs and increased the production capacity of the company, leading to increased sales.