Data Analyst

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Fully Virtual

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About The Job

This role includes helping develop a data process to bring client source data into a combined platform, run dynamic calculations and data transformation, and ultimately visualize the results in a repeatable, live fashion. This is a part-time independent contractor position.

Job Duties

  • Creating APIs to pull data from a variety of sources (Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, etc)

  • Creating data workflows in Python (or similar) to run live calculations and output dataframes into spreadsheets

  • Live data visualization using suitable platforms

  • Communicating across ACG functions and among the data analytics team

  • Working to begin integrating each stage of data workflow into singular software platform

  • Support with developing predictive algorithms

  • More as mutually determined


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience in data analytics platforms (SQL, Python, R, etc)

  • Experience working collaboratively on analytical problems

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise in data analytics platforms

  • Familiarity with data visualization platforms (Tableau, Google Data Studio, PowerBI, etc)

  • Familiarity with machine learning techniques (SVM, neural nets, etc)

  • Expertise with MS Excel

  • Experience developing novel APIs (irrespective of platform: Javascript, Node.js, etc)

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We begin with a proof-of-concept demo.

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