Results: Manufacturing

The Digital Edge

Data Warehousing. IoT Analytics. Data Streams. 

Manufacturing_Dashboard (2).png


The client is a national manufacturer focused on industrial vehicle and machine parts. The business lacks the ability to effectively interpret its machine data, creating a lack of actionable insights and extraneous maintenance expenses. The absence of a central source of truth generates significant operational inefficiencies.

 Supercharged Analytics

Advanced Analytics. Inventory Optimization.



The client is a regional manufacturer focused on consumer goods. The company struggled with inventory management across its plants and distribution centers. The ACG Virtual Team worked to optimize inventory management through advanced analytics and developed a process to forecast demand. These solutions improved operational efficiency, drastically reducing lost revenue and holding costs to produce an ROI of 10x to date.

Blast from the Future

Dynamic Reporting. Scenario Analysis. Process Automation.



The client is a regional manufacturer focused on specialized aerospace devices and components. The company relied on 3000+ spreadsheets for financial analysis and reporting, draining valuable resources. The ACG Virtual Team developed a cloud database and dynamic dashboards to completely eliminate manual analysis, then ran simulations of future financial scenarios to bolster financial strategy. The combined effect of these solutions generated an ROI of 6x after just a year post-implementation.