Results: Professional Services

Modern LegalTech

Data Warehousing. Machine Learning. Optimization.

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The client is a regional law firm focused on litigation and tax within the financial sector. The firm currently lacks visibility into performance across locations, practice areas, and its partners. The client seeks a centralized source of information to track firm-wide metrics in real time. In addition, they wish to better anticipate the growth of new business and trial outcomes.

Cracking Bad Debt

Advanced Analytics. Financial Intelligence.


The client is a national financial services firm focused on auto loan origination. The firm experienced significant losses related to payers defaulting on loans, and lacked the analytics to grant visibility into the root causes of this issue. The ACG Virtual Team developed algorithms to accurately identify payers' propensity to make payments, drastically reducing bad debt expense. These models correctly categorized 80% of future payers, generating an ROI of 3x in just several months.